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Bill Stone, SS and C Globe Op

SS&C GlobeOp Hedge Fund Performance Index down 0.09 per cent in March

The gross return of the SS&C GlobeOp Hedge Fund Performance Index for March 2018 measured -0.09 per cent. Hedge fund flows as measured by the SS&C GlobeOp Capital Movement Index, meanwhile, declined 1.40 per cent in April.

“SS&C GlobeOps’ Capital Movement Index for April 2018 of -1.40 per cent reflects net outflows for the month, in line with normal seasonal patterns.  On a year-over-year basis, the net outflows of -1.40 per cent for April 2018 were somewhat higher than the -1.09 per cent reported for the same period a year ago in April 2017, but were within the range of normal variation,” says Bill Stone (pictured), Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, SS&C Technologies. “Given the recent market volatility, the relative stability of these capital movements indicates that investor confidence in hedge fund managers remains high.”
The SS&C GlobeOp Hedge Fund Performance Index is an asset-weighted, independent monthly window on hedge fund performance. On the ninth business day of each month it provides a flash estimate of the gross aggregate performance of funds for which SS&C GlobeOp provides monthly administration services on the SS&C GlobeOp platform. Interim and final values, both gross and net, are provided in each of the two following months, respectively. Online data can be segmented by gross and net performance, and by time periods

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